Minutes of PTA (Executive Committee Meeting)


      Parent Teacher Meetings : to apprise the parent about the Progress & Performance of the ward.

      The feedback collected, analyzed, valuable suggestions implemented after Periodic Test 2 & Pre-board II.

      Parent Teacher Meeting for slow performers planned and conducted

      Parent Teacher Meeting  for  Class XII held on 15th Nov, 2017.: Performance reviewed, analyzed, feedback utilised for further improvisation

      Parent Teacher Meeting Class X conducted on 20th December for Slow Performers: Areas for improvement identified and being rectified.

      A one to one meeting with parents of Selected Bloomers is also being conducted in the presence of Principal & Subject Teachers.

      Principal  & Vice Principal have addressed the Students of Classes IX ,X XI & XII separately on several occasions regarding discipline, academic performance etc.

      Remedial Classes for X : in progress, Attendance recorded, limited content approach followed, one to one personal academic help provided.

      Regular interaction and counselling by Principal

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