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Minutes of the VMC Meeting held on 03.02 .2018 at K.V.ODF,MEDAK

The first VMC Meeting of the year was held  on 03rd  Feb 2018 at 3pm.

Venue: E-Class Room

The meeting was headed by Chairman Shri Bharat Singh, IOFS, General Manager, OF, Medak and attended by the following members.

1)      Shri V.N.R.Nayudu,  Joint GM, OFMK & Chairman’s Nominee

2)      Dr.Prempal,  Asst.Prof.IIT,Hyd.

3)      Shri U.Chandrasekher, AWM,OFMK

4)      Shri P.R.Choudary,AWM,OFMK                                (Parent-Member)

5)      Shri  B.Senthil Kumar, WM,OFMK                      (SC/ST Representative)

6)      Shri Ravi Kant Reddy, ALWC,OFMK                      (Co-opted Member)

7)      Smt.A.Padmavathi, TGT(WE), KV-OF, Medak      (Teacher Representative)

8)      Shri A Sidda Ramulu, Principal , KV-OF, Medak  ( Member Secretary)

Member Secretary, Principal R. Shri Shyam Sunder, welcomed the Chairman and the Committee members. Bouquets were presented. A report on the various activities and developments that have taken place in the Vidyalaya in the academic year 2015-16 was then projected through a Power Point Presentation by Shri A.V.Kumar, PGT,Chem & Staff Secretary of the Vidyalaya and Principal gave additional inputs wherever necessary.

In the report, the following points were highlighted under Agenda Points:

1. Academics

Ø  A gist of X & XII Results in the last four years, the various tests, Remedial Classes and Parent-Teacher Meetings held as on 19.08.17 was presented.

Ø  The Committee noted the number of students scoring 10CGPA &those who have secured 9.6-9.8 in Class X CCE and the toppers in Class XII-AISSCE in 2015-16. These students are to be honoured by ODF on Republic Day 2017.

Ø  Steps taken following parents’ suggestions in the last two months to improve the overall discipline in the Vidyalaya Campus were elaborated by Shri Shyam Sunder.

Ø   In this connection the issue of a large number of boys missing classes from 5th-7th periods, ie, about 2 hours or more, every Friday to leave the campus without proper supervision or regulation to attend Namaaz outside the Vidyalaya and the chances of any untoward incidents occurring in this duration was brought up for discussion. The Committee was of the view that KVS guidelines, if any, should be applied. If no such precedent is found in the guidelines, then it is to be verified from other KV’s or from some other reliable source. Accordingly the movement of students may be regulated and restricted to 30 minutes or so only.

 2. Administration

Ø   The Committee expressed happiness at the fact that there are less no. of Vacancies in Staff Postings as compared to last year’s 24 unfilled posts.

Ø  The Vidyalaya Executive Committee was formed to monitor and approve financial transactions of the Vidyalaya.

Ø  The Chairman informed that  providing Defense Canteen Passes for KV Staff was not under his jurisdiction. However he gave assurance of providing other similar outlets for purchase of supplies at nominal rates.

            3. Work Proposals

An elaborate discussion followed focusing on these work proposals which were approved for further necessary action:

Ø  Completing and raising the height of fencing/building compound wall enclosing the rear of the school.

Ø  Installation of CCTV & Intercom facilities at strategic points in the Vidyalaya

Ø  Fixing of tiles in Chemistry Lab & Library

Ø  Condemnation & Auction of outdated Furniture, Lab, SUPW & AV Aids. Notice to be published in local dailies.

Ø  Setting up of Two Security Boxes/Booths for the comfort of the watchmen at the main gate of the Vidyalaya.

Ø  Improving facilities of Quarters to encourage more teachers to take up postings in Eddumailaram.

Ø  Provision for adequate water supply for use in the Vidyalaya and in the Staff Quarters. The proposal to dig a second borewell to be considered for future.

Ø  Sewage line cutting across the front garden of the Vidyalaya to be shifted to the rear of the campus.

·         The Chairman also assured funds for the following facilities to give a facelift to the Vidyalaya infrastructure and to enrich the teaching-learning process:

Ø  RO System to provide drinking water in the Vidyalaya

Ø  Renewal/refurbishing of TOILETS

Ø  Updating lab equipments required for advanced science activities beyond the curriculum

Ø  Advanced Books for Library

Ø  Projectors and other equipments to develop smart classes, language labs, etc.

Ø  Bus facilities for study trips & educational tours for senior classes

Ø  Any such requirement for improving the academic infrastructure to be put up as early as possible

                                The meeting concluded with a  vote of thanks at round 4.30 pm.

       VMC Members who attended the Meeting                                                                                                 Sign

1. Shri V.N.R.Nayudu,  Joint GM, OFMK & Chairman’s Nominee                                           

        2. Dr.Prempal,  Asst.Prof.IIT,Hyd.

        3. Shri U.Chandrasekher, AWM,OFMK

        4. Shri P.R.Choudary,AWM,OFMK                                           (Parent-Member)

        5. Shri  B.Senthil Kumar, WM,OFMK                                   (SC/ST Representative)

        6. Shri Ravi Kant Reddy, ALWC,OFMK                                  (Co-opted Member)

        7. Smt.A.Padmavathi, TGT(WE), KV-OF, Medak              (Teacher Representative)

        8. Shri A Sidda Ramulu, Principal, KV-OF, Medak        ( Member Secretary)






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